Sunday, June 8, 2008

how i got in an arguemint with LC and then Faith-Ann said some thing stupid too

today is my thirtenth blog and as you can unmagine i was putting it off becuase 13 is a very unlucky number EVEN IF YOUR A GOOD CHRISTIAN!!!!!!! Jesus must of been affrayed of 13 becuase he only picked 12 apostates and he only made 12 years in a month and he only put 12 eggs in a doze and there are only 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS!!!!!!! so he all ways stopped befour 13 and that proves he was scarred of 13 or he woud of had a nother day of Christmas since its the BEST HOLIDAY and a nother egg so they woud be cheeper!!!! i dont get why he hates 13 so much becuase he coud have skipped it when he was making numbers and we coud just go rihgt from 12 to 14. but the Lord works in mister E’s ways. so why try to under stand Him becuase its unposible!

but i dicided to write today becuase i got in a big fihgt with LC at Spinnach Inc even thouhg LC dint say any thing back to me yet prabolly becuase he has nothing to say. SO I WIN!!!!!!! HA!!!!!! LC says he is a Christain. but i think HE MAY BE SATIN becuase in a long fullosofacle arguemint that no body coud under stand becuase he never makes any cense he keeps asking if mabye evil never was or mabye was but has all ready been apolished!!!!!!!! i think long fullosofacle arguemints are just a waist of time and not good for Christians becuase they make you think too much mostly about Greek stuff which who cares onless you do Greek??????? which i dont becuase i woud never stoop so low. im 100 per cent Amercian even on my mothers side which came from germinny about a hun dred years ago before the syphal war.

i dont know about you but when LC says theres no evil or its all ready apolished it sounds like SATIN makeing beleive that hes not so bad after all. even thouhg HES THE WURST!!!!!!! so i think LC may be Satin or mabye just one of Satins helpers but still pretty bad. but prabolly Satin.

so i asked my paster if evil never was or was all ready apolished. and he siad trinity thats rediculis. cant you think of any thing bad in this world? and i said Shemp becuase hes definatly the bad one in the 3 stogges but luckally hes not in two many. and my pastor siad you see????? there IS BAD IN THE WORLD.

so that proves it EVEN TO ATHIESTS who pray to Satin. so watch out athiests becuase in case you did’nt know it you are praying to some body WHO IS BAD!!!!!!!!!!!

then out of the blues my cuzzen Faith-Ann asked me about my bog and siad to me how come you never put out for athiests any more???? and i told her i was going to do one today. and she said what will this be about trinity? how much you wish you were an athiest too but you cant be becuase your a Christian???? and i siad no smarty it will be a pose about how LC is prabolly Satin in disgust and how Satin is still bad even thouhg LC says hes mabye not.

and Faith-Ann assed me how i know LC and who she is and i siad i think LC is a boy not a girl and Faith-Ann siad thats crazy because LC is the name of a girl and i said no not Elsie like the cow but LC like the alphabet. and i siad i know him from spinnachs log and aslo from chaplins. and Faith-Ann asked me about spinnach and about chaplin and when i told her they were athiests she siad well i dont know LC but im on her side against athiests any day. and i asked Faith-Ann if she thouhgt there was still evil in this world and she siad YES YOU TRINITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so we got in a big fihgt and she called me some bad names that definatly exist. and i yelled if she was one of the 3 stogges she woud be Shemp and then she got insulated. it was all becuase she dint even relize that she was on my side and not LCs. if thats not bad I DONT KNOW WHAT IS??? so my paster is rihgt and LC is wrogn, wrogn, WROGN!!!!!!!!!

and now i dont know who im madder at LC or Faith-Ann???????? but im glad LC is not my cuzzen becuase ONE DUM RELLATIVE IS ENOUHG!!!!!!!


love and xxx (from me AND Jesus),