Sunday, March 23, 2008

how i spent my Easter with my hole family and it was great until Faith-Ann runned it.

today is my twelth blog so ill tell how i spent my Easter with my hole family and it was great until Faith-Ann runned it. we all ways get to gether for the holiday with every body even my dog Luke who stays in the other room while we eat becuase he STEALS FOOD FROM POEPLES PLAITS AND BARKS!!!!!!!

in case you are an athiest and didnt know we sellibrate Easter because Jesus Christ had a rest erection on it. he was in a toom that belonged to Joseph of Arithmia but when poeple went to check on Him He WASNT THERE!!!!!! He went to Heave to live with His father God and they ate a big meal includeing alot of candy i think. i dont know what kind of candy they had back then becuase its not in the bible but mabye chockalit bunnys and jelly beans and peeps becuase thats what my family ALL WAYS HAVE!!!! and my family IS GOOD CHRISTIANS so THEY KNOW!!!!! Jesus and God must of liked candy alot becuase WHO DOESNT??????

We sat down to have our meal and it was dullicious. We had ham stakes with pie napple and french canned cut string beans (YUMM!!!! but i think the green giant is amercian not french) smoothered in i cant beleive its not better and candid yams with marsh mellows becuase i told you Jesus had a sweetooth and pees and carets and grape jiuce or diet cock for me and home made bread (we got it in the backery at my store) and if you wanted brockly which no body in my family likes but its good for you SO YOU HAVE TO!!!!!!! Then we had jelo with friut cock tale in it and frozzen peach gobbler from sara lie and we put ben and jerrys cherry gracias on it. (in case you are wondering, gracias is Mexican for god bless you even thouhg ben and jerrys are jews who crossfied Jesus but beleive it or not they MAKE GOOD ICE CREAM!!!!!!!)

so we were haveing a nice time and looking at old pictures of Faith-Ann and I when we were little girls and every body agreed that i was pritter. then out of the clear blues guy Faith-Ann said guess what every body???? and every body siad what Faith-Ann?????? and she said Trinity has a blog FOR ATHIESTS!!!!!!!!! and my mother said whats a blog and my father siad a blog is a comeputter thing where you say stuff and poeple read it and my mother siad you TALK INTO YOUR COMEPUTTER TRINITY??????? and Faith-Ann said NO SHE WRITES!!!!!!! and my mother said Trinity writes? since when does Trinity writes????? and Faith-Ann said since she has a blog FOR ATHIESTS. and my mother said whats a blog again????? and my father yelled at her for not lissoning and my mother said she was destructed by how good the jelo was and my father oxplaned again that a blog is like the Internette only you do it your slef.

and then my mother asked me “how come you write for athiests? are you trying to get them to take Jesus Christ into there hart thats a brave thing to do but very dangeris becuase they all pray TO SATIN!!!!!!! and if your not careful trinity they will get you to pray TO SATIN TO. and i siad first of all i dont write for athiests and secondly they will not get me to pray TO SATIN becuase im smarter than them. and my father lauhged and my mother siad thats hard for me to beleive dear becuase athiests are very tricky and your not tricky AT ALL!!!!!!! youre just sweet and nigh eve.

and then Faith-Anns mother siad id be unbareassed if MY DAUHGTER wrote FOR ATHIESTS!!!! and Faith-Anns father siad bud out Mona and Faith-Anns mother siad why dont you have some more jelo with friut cock tale Bill and keep your mouth closed while your chewing???? and my father lauhged and Faith-Anns father siad whats so funny Pete and my father siad ill anwser you when your finished with your jelo becuase i dont want your pair landing on my face. and Faith-Anns father siad we can settle this out side Pete and my father siad its raining and its cold. so they went to watch sprots with Luke on tv.

and my mother said trinity i think you shoud stop your whats it called again? and Faith-Ann said a blog it rimes with fog which is what TRINITY IS IN!!!!!!!! and my mother siad Faith-Anns right you shoulndt talk to athiests becuase they will get you sick from SATIN. and i siad G. wiz just becuase i some times put out on the Internette and athiests come doesnt mean ill GET SICK FROM SATIN AND HIS CUTIES. (if you dont know, cuties are like little bugs that you get from a person you dont like). i hate Satin more than any thing but i dont think you can ever get cuties by writeing on a blog. EVEN FROM SATIN!!!!!!!! Faith-Ann is just jelos becuase i have ALOT OF NEW FIENDS!!!!!!!! and shes not INCLUED!!!!!!

and then Faith-Ann called me a witch and her mother dissided they should leave and yelled come on Bill and Faith-Anns father yelled the games not over and Faith-Anns mother yelled it IS FOR YOU and Faith-Anns father yelled five more minutes and Faith-Anns mother yelled WRITE NOW and Faith-Anns father yelled JESUS CHRIST and Faith-Anns mother yelled are you taking the lords name IN VEIN Bill we can show you Trinitys thing if you want to see it and you can meet plenty of athiests who take the lords name in vein and you can all go to hell to gether but WHOS GOING TO WASH YOUR LAWNDRY?????? so then Faith-Anns father left too.

and then my mother held my hands and siad i should all ways make sure to say Jesus loves you when ever i write and so i will. so here it is. Jesus loves you. even if you are an athiest and He sends you to hell.

but really you should pray to Him becuase i think if you die and go to Heave their are ALOT OF FREE PEEPS!!!!!!!!!

love and xxx (from me AND Jesus),



tina FCD said...

Well, it sounds like your easter turned out ok. Lots of good food and goodies.
We had a good zombie day. (that's what Larro, my son calls it)
We had Ham and mashed potatoes, lumpy of course, that's the way we like them. A long time ago, lumpy potatoes were considered not worthy to be eaten. Seems the cook didn't quite know how to make them the proper way. :)
We had homemade apple pie. Yummy!
Oh, and we watched a gory graphic vampire movie. 30 Days of Night. :)

Ordinary Girl said...

Ooo... does that mean I'm SATIN's CUTIE? That's so sweet, Trinity.

Anonymous said...

It's clear that you inherited your intelligence from your mother.

trinity said...

hi tina fucd,

you asked me "We had Ham and mashed potatoes, lumpy of course, that's the way we like them."?

YUCK!!!!!! now i know that athiests beleive in Satin AND they also like LUMPY mash potatos!!!! if you knew Jesus you would like them smooth and white like He is. with no skins on them and no eyes. but thats not like Him becuase He had skin and eyes.

do you have to watch umpire movies on Easter becuase Satin MAKES YOU???? thats so sad becuase my parents and me were going to watch the 10 command mints with charles tin hessian. we didnt thouhg becuase we watched the 3 stogges insted. they are much funnier than he is and any way we have seen the 10 command mints about a milion times and we read the book of it too. in case you didnt know the book of it is called THE HOLEY BIBLE!!!!!!

hi ornerygirl,

you asked me "Ooo... does that mean I'm SATIN's CUTIE?"?

your making a joke right? because cutie the bug is spelled just like cutie the cute person? i dont think your one of Satins bugs but i also dont think any athiest is CUTE!!!! maybe SATIN TELLS YOU YOUR CUTE but thats just to make you promise him youre sole when you die and go to hell which you will becuase you PRAY TO HIM!!!!! how do you think that will be for E TURNEDDY????? whatever you want to do you wont be able to becuase youll have to keep praying to SATIN OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER (and put in a milion bilion trilion more OVERS)????? woulndt you rather be in Heave where you can be happy just praying TO GOD AND JESUS????? i dont under stand you athiests!!!!!!!!

hi chaplin,

you asked me "It's clear that you inherited your intelligence from your mother."?

i know you. and i think that questoin is suppose to be some kind of innslut but i dont get it. and i told it to my mother and SHE DIDNT GET IT TOO!!!!! So the jokes not on you its ON ME!!!!! ha ha!

Anonymous said...

errr wtf

tina FCD said...

Hey, I like anonymous' comment! :)

(((Billy))) The Atheist said...

Just found you. Do you know christy ( and scroll down, its the fourth comment)?

Edward said...

Hey Trinity,

It’s like God plays a joke on you: You have this whole style of sounding like a bafoon. You do it so much it’s all you ever sound like. I knew this one racist guy who used to like to joke and say “ask” like “ax.” He did it all the time. In fact, I never heard him say “ask.” He always said ax.

It’s God’s sense of humor. So, I want you to know that I am dutifully laughing at you heartily.