Wednesday, March 12, 2008

why i was diss appointed at a Christian show i saw at Faith-Ann's house and we had a fight

today is my elventh blog so ill tell why i was diss appointed at a Christian show i saw at Faith-Ann’s house and we had a fight. we were flipping around different relgious channels and we saw this hansom pastor on to talk about the Bible only he was from some crazy sex that didnt use the regular Bible just the King Jane’s vergin. in case you dont know thats the one with all the extra ths in words like God has a lisp. and its hard to understand becuase its about three thousand years old not like the real Bible which is in PLANE ENGLISH becuase JESUS WANTS EVERY BODY TO GET IT!!!!!!!

so this hansom pastor was saying that there are actualy two different storys of the cremation. but thats UNPOSSABLE!!!!!!!!!! becuase we all know that God made stuff only ONE TIME!!!! every body knows theres not two different earths and two different moons and two different sons. theres JUST ONE!!!!!! its not like the 3 stogges where theres Moe Larry and Curly and Shemp too and even Curly Joe thats FIVE!!!!!!! when God makes some thing he doesnt need SPARES!!!!!!!! Hes NOT THE 3 STOGGES!!!!!!!

but the pastor said that in the first vergin God just made poeple by snapping His fingers or blinking His eyes or rinkling His nose or mabye shaking some other part of His body its not spesific. but Faith-Ann and me thouhgt dirty and lauhged even though that was bad of us to do but God should of said what he shook if he didnt want us to. but in the second vergin He formed a man from dust and He breathed into the mans nostrils like artifishle perspiration. and then He made a woman from the mans rib. that must of hurt so i cant under stand why God didnt just pick up some more dust since he was so good at it and theres plenty of it around even UNDER MY BED!!!!!!!!!!! so thats suppose to be two different. but its not ITS THE SAME!!!!!!!!! when God wrote the Bible he relized that he didnt give enouhg information in chapter 1 so he wrote some more in chapter 2. He just tells some thing he forgot to say that ALL READY HAPPENED!!!!!! you prabobly learned in middle school thats called a HATCHBACK!!!!!!

so then the hansom pastor said that the next part of the story about Adam and Eve and the sirpant and the tree of knowlidge is just an alligator. and the hansom pastor explaned that an alligator is a story that says one thing but means a HOLE DIFFERENT THING!!!!!! so Adam and Eve are really cavemen and the sarpint is really SATIN and the apple is really mabye a pair or a kwince what ever that is and the Garden of Eden is really like just some O.A. sis in the dessert but God is still God becuase WHO ELSE COULD HE BE???????? and then the hansom pastor started to talk about Bible Herman Oodicks, who i never heard of but we figured out that hes some guy who once interpetted the Bible wrong. so Faith-Ann got annoyed and even thouhg the pastor was hansom she changed the channel to a repeat of fiends where joey is really funny and hes as hansom as the pastor only not as Christian.

so i could tell Faith-Ann was not endjoying fiends and i asked her whats wrogn Faith-Ann would you rather watch a 3 stooges DDV and she said do you think that guy was an athiest? and i said who JOEY???? and she said no the hansom pastor. and i said definatly no way he was an athiest, he was a Christian only just NOT A TRUE ONE!!!. and she said your just trying to protect your pals THE ATHIESTS who READ YOUR BLOG. and i said Christians read my blog too like cfl and kem and JESUS CHRIST!!!!!!!!! and she said oh no Jesus would die if He read your blog. and i said Jesus cant die He all ready did when He was crossfied and then He rose from the dead and Hes not going to die again becuase WHAT WOULD BE THE POINT???????? and then Faith-Ann called me a SATIN-LOVER and i called her a bad word that starts with B and ends with what you scratch and she said i better go home so i did.

and now i cant stop thinking about that hansom pastor. why cant an ugly pastor be wrogn and a hansom pastor be RIGHT?????? God works in misterous ways!!!!!!! and the biggest mistery is why Faith-Ann is my cuzzen becuase alot of the time i CANT STAND HER!!!!!!! even worse than SHEMP!!!!!!!!!


love and xxx (from me AND Jesus),



tina FCD said...

but the pastor said that in the first vergin God just made poeple by snapping His fingers or blinking His eyes or rinkling His nose or mabye shaking some other part of His body its not spesific.

Wow, that sounds a lot like "Bewitched" the show that used to be on a long time ago.

Ordinary Girl said...

I know Faith-Ann is your cousin and friend, but it doesn't sound like she's very nice to you a lot of the time. I get the feeling from you posts, and maybe I'm misinterpreting, that she thinks you're not very smart. That's not very nice at all.

clfaith said...

Trinty, yur alot smartr then FathAn. Sumtyms peple liek the hansom precher maek mistaeks but that dosent mene there ahtiests. It just menes theyr wrogn sumtiems. If he luvs Jesus, then hes a Christen. FathAn is wrogn and yur rite.

Anonymous said...

Someone named Marianne is posting at (((Billy)))'s blog. Is she a friend of yours, Trinity?

trinity said...

hi tina fucd,

you asked me "Wow, that sounds a lot like "Bewitched" the show that used to be on a long time ago."

i never saw bewished becuase doesnt it have a which in it? we dont beleive in whiches in my chruch oxcept sand whiches. in case you didnt know thats a joke. sorry i dont tell them as good as the 3 stogges but im an amachore not a profishinal!!!!! mabye athiests BELEIVE IN WICHES becuase they pray to SATIN AND HE LIKES WICHES!!!!!!! any way i wasnt born yet!

hi ornerygirl,

you asked me "I know Faith-Ann is your cousin and friend". but your WROGN WROGN WROGN!!!!!!! she is my cuzzen all the time but only some times my fiend and NOT TODAY!!! so you are wrogn about God and Jesus and you are ALSO WROGN ABOUT FAITH-ANN.

hi cfl,

you said "FathAn is wrogn and yur rite:.

i have to correct you. sorry. Faith-Ann is spelled with an asterick in the middel of Faith and Ann. Sorry but she mihgt go bowlistic if she sees her name speled wrogn. if she EVER READS MY BLOG!!!!!! which SHE WONT!!!!!! becuase she thinks i have too many athiest fiends. WHICH I DONT!!!!!!

hi chaplin,

you asked me "Is she a friend of yours, Trinity"?

i met maranine at that blog and she seems very nice AND beleives in GOD. AND JESUS. and A LOT OF THE SAME STUFF AS ME!!!!!!!! but she is not a fiend of yours trinity!!!! i dont know her from atoms.

Anonymous said...

Trinity, where have you been lately? Are you on vacation?

trinity said...

hi chaplin,

you asked me, "Trinity, where have you been lately? Are you on vacation"?

i have been right here which you dont know where it is becuase i didnt tell you becuase i dont want you to know becuase your an athiest and mihgt bring Satin to my house. So i am not on vocation so dont try to brake in and steel my stuff becuase if i have to ill call the cops and tell Satin NOT TO ALSO!!!!!!!

sorry to be mean becuase you seem nice. in case you didn't know, im talking to you chaplin. NOT SATIN!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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