Tuesday, March 4, 2008

what ill write about a mime that i got tagged by the owel guy with

today is my tenth blog so ill tell what ill write about a mime that i got tagged by the owel guy with. i dont under stand why its called a mime becuase obvously you cant ACT OUT stuff on your blog you just have to write about it!!!!!!! so im suppose to share 6 non-importent things or hobits or quarks about yourself. every thing about me is non-importent oxcept i love Jesus so i have a lot to chews from.

1. i once watched a tv show about Charles Dickens and evillusion. a cording to Charles Dickens life on earth is like a million years old. thats not true since the bible makes it only about six thou sand years if you start from when god first suppurated the earth from the ferna mints. then if you count up how old every body in the bible was and add it up it comes to about six thou sand. so Charles Dickens was wrogn. but heres where he was REALLY off bass!!!!!!! he thouhgt we came from MONKEYS!!!!!! i cant under stand how athiests BELEIVE THAT becuase obvously we are much smarter then monkeys????? and most of us look better too oxcept for really ugly poeple who might look like a girla or an orange-or-tang or a chimp pansy. Faith-Ann if your reading this im talking ABOUT YOU!!!!!!! also monkeys dont have a SOLE but most of us do oxcept for athiests who worship SATIN!!!!!! and Charles Dickens shoud know better than a million years becuase he wrote a Christmas carol and thats a nice book NOT ATHIEST!!!!!!! so in the middle of the show i felt sick to my stummick and i all most throuhg up oxcept i didnt, i changed the channel and watched dele or not dele.

2. my favrite color is white. i think its becuase Jesus wore white all the time in all the pictures of Him. i have a lot of white things, mostly under where but also socks and a skirt and a hat and even FOUR OR FIVE blice!!!!!!! if you see some body wearing a lot of white its prabobly me. but mabye not if i dont live near the person you saw. its prabobly not Jesus either but it COULD BE!!!!!!!!!!

3. when i was little my pastor once TOUCHED ME IN A BAD PLACE!!!!!!!! i dont think he ever touched any other kids. it was a long time a go on a chruch yuoth gruop feild trip and we went to the musuem to see art and one of the pantings was nakked and i started getting historical. so my pastor patted me on the head and he told all the kids “w’ed better leave this bad place.” so that was how he touched me on the head IN A BAD PLACE. to this day ive never went there again becuase i dont need to see that kind of dirty stuff onless im a doctor which im NOT!!!!!!!!!!

4. my favrite drink is diet cock. some days i cant get enouhg of it in my mouth, prabobly a big one about evry TO OR THREE hours. i also like diet dr pecker. but if its really cold out side i might just have to tease (or three).

5. i dream about Jesus all most every night but im usully a wake when i do. i mean i close my eyes and i think about him but i dont fall a sleep becuase im affrayed to because i once had a dream where i was all most crossfied insted of him and i kept telling every body “im NOT JESUS. im JUST TRINITY!!!!!!!!” and no one would beleive me becuase Jesus was wearing an out fit that made Him look like me even the same hair doo and some body made me wear an out fit that made me look like Jesus oxcept no beard and also i had on my white lacy anklets. but the romins didnt see what i was wearing even thouhg i kept telling them “i cant be JESUS!!!!!!! i have no beard AND i have WHITE LACY ANKLETS!!!!!!! lucky for me i woke up before the nails becuase that would of HURT!!!!!!!!! and if i was crossfied i wonder if there would be a relgion called TRINITYANITY today??????? just in case your wandering, thouhg. i think my mother was NOT a version when she had me. but i never came out and asked her becuase i dont want to insulate her.

6. Faith-Ann is the worst cuzzen any body ever had. she said i would go to HELL if i did an athiest mime and here i am so i DIDNT. i think shes just jellos becuase i have so many new freinds that even thouhg they dont love Jesus they still seem to like ME!!!!!!!!!!!! mabye they woulndt like me so much if my dream was true and i was crossfied instead of Jesus and i died for there sins but in case you are an athiest and dont know, i didnt and He did. and SATIN didnt either!!!!!!!!! so STOP beleiving in him becuase hes not as good as Jesus even when Jesus has my dress and my braids on!!!!!!!!

thats my mime and im suppose to tag other poeple but i wont becuase i think its stupid. so if your reading this and you have a blog just write about what ever you want to write about and dont worry about a mime or six things or even any bad hobits you have. to tell you the truth i dont think your bad hobits are ANY OF MY BIZNESS and i prabobly DONT WANT TO HEAR ABOUT THEM if their really discusseding!!!!!

love and xxx (from me AND Jesus),



tina FCD said...

I was laughing so hard I was crying! Deary, I think it's Charles Darwin.

If you blog here long enough, you might see the light. :)

I sent this to my daughter at work. I hope she doesn't get into trouble for laughing out loud! :)

Anonymous said...

You are a fascinating person. I never understood the connection between Charles Dickens and evolution until you explained it. Thank you for making it clear.

My favorite soda is caffeine free diet coke. I also like diet Dr. Pepper. I will never again drink either of them without thinking of how much you enjoy them. And guess what? I drink several teas a day too!

Ordinary Girl said...

Trinity, do you realize how witty you are?

tina FCD said...

Hi Trinity! I have an award for you! It's at my blog.

clfaith said...

its good taht yu got out of taht bad plaec reel fast. wy do musuesm awlays haev picutres of nekked ladys and status of nekked men? i dont liek teh ladys much but sumtyms teh men maek me feal funy "doun ther."

Ken said...


It is obvious that you are Colbertian in your approach to debate. I believe you have moved Corbertianism to a whole new level.

sacred slut said...

Trinity, that was the best blog ever.

My favorite drink is just the same as yours, except I like regular cock instead of diet! The bigger the better.

Thanks for sharing!

trinity said...

hi tina fucd,

you asked me "I sent this to my daughter at work. I hope she doesn't get into trouble for laughing out loud!"?

i only have one questoin. if you were at work WHO WAS WATCHING YOUR DAUHGTER????? and why would she get in trouble for lauhging? does her baby sitter not allow her to have FUN??????? unbelevible!!!!!!!! but if you really want her to laugh out loud you should send her 3 stogges moves not me. and also NOT SHEMP!!!!!

hi chaplin,

you asked me "I will never again drink either of them without thinking of how much you enjoy them."?

and i will never again drink either of them with out thinking of you thinking of how much i enjoy them. and that will make me very self conscience just knowing an athiest is thinking about the cock im having. so thanks alot for RUNNING MY FAVRITE DRINK by being AN ATHIEST!!!!! i bet you and SATIN are lauhging with tina fucd and her dauhgter now!!!!!! im going to have to swish to MOUNT AND DO which i dont like as much becuase theirs too much kathleen in it. so THANKS ALOT!!!!!!!!!!

hi ornerygirl,

you asked me, "Trinity, do you realize how witty you are"?

beleive it or not your not the first person to say that im witty. My cuzzen Faith-Ann says that all the time only she pronouns the word witchy. she really means a nother word thats not nice and begins with a B. so did you mean to say Bitty????? im still insulated NO MATTER HOW you pronouns it!!!!!!

hi tina fucd (again),

you asked me "I have an award for you!"

at your blog i left a note and i told you my cuzzen Faith-Ann would be so jellos of my reward that she would EAT HER HARD ON!!!!!!! but guess what??? she didnt even pat an eye. she just said "oh now your getting rewards FROM ATHIESTS????? i supose next you will be having SATIN over for dinner!!!!!!!" thats rediculus becuase SATIN would never come hear for dinner im not a good enouhg cook to make stuff for company. Faith-Ann KNOWS THAT!!!!!!!!!

hi cfl,

you asked me "wy do musuesm awlays haev picutres of nekked ladys and status of nekked men"???

sometimes musuems have even things that are worse than naked poeple. like dynasores with signs that say their milions of years old just to fool us. God keeps testing us to see if we fall for those trix but i NEVER DO!!!!!!!! every one who knows any thing about sciunts knows that dynasores were in the Garden of Eden six thou sand years ago with Adam and Eve!!!!!!!!! we have STATUS TO PROVE IT!!!!!! and not just the flingstones!!!!!! REAL POEPLE!!!!!!! theyr at the creation musuem which is a good one with only a few covered up naked poeple (Adam and Eve). I was never there but i saw it on the Internette!!!!! so you know its TRUE!!!!!

hi ken,

you asked me "I believe you have moved Corbertianism to a whole new level"?

i dont under stand what you mean. i have not moved. im still in the same little apartmint i was in last year. and who is Corbetranims???? what kind of name is that for a person? are you just pinching my leg?

hi scared slut,

you asked me "My favorite drink is just the same as yours"?

whats going on with ALL YOU ATHIESTS?????? cant a person have a favrite drink with out athiests also liking it too???? so from now on my favrite is mabye SEVENURP which i hate becuase it makes me belch becuase it has too much gizz in it!!!!!!! Or JUST MILK and a few cockies with it!!!!!! O.k??????

tina FCD said...

This is freakin' hilarious! I love this blog.

Ken said...

Colbetianism is named after St. Steven (not a Catholic saint, but elevated to sainthood by a group of comedy centralists). His genius is to take oppositional thought and then distort it to such exaggerated proportions that it becomes hilariously ridiculous. It is incredibly disarming, even to the strongest opponents of his views. It is like taking a studio picture of your opponent, dropping it into photo shop, and saying, “Here let me give you a different way of looking at yourself.” *make nose bigger, add bug-eyes, reduce chin, spike hair, done* *show altered photo to everyone’s delight, have good laugh*

The opponent then has three choices:
1. Get all frustrated and walk off.
2. Get all serious and angry, and publicly rebuke St. Steven for his photo-shop buffoonery.
3. Show what a good sport you are by laughing along.

General results:
Choice 1. St. Steven makes a few more Colbertian remarks and his status with followers is even further elevated.
Choice 2. Opponent further distorts his own image in the eyes of the Colbertianists and they laugh even harder. “What’s the matter, can’t you take a joke?”
Choice 3. Opponent is effectively disarmed and opposing view is no loner a threat.

I am a fan of Colbertianism (although I must admit, I observe it with only half of my brain so that in case it becomes irreparably corrupted I still have a good half left). St. Steven has perfected his art. I see the same principles applied here in your blog, except you, Trinity, have an added element of incredible innocence.


Perhaps you are close to becoming St. Trinity …

Anonymous said...

Are you going to stop drinking cocks now? Well, mount and do is pretty good once you get used to it. You may discover that you like a little of both now and then. Personally, I'd get rid of the Kathleen, but, if you don't mind her, enjoy yourself.

Now I know why 7UP, with all that gizz, is not very good for stomach aches. If you get tired of milk and cockies, you may want to substitute whipped cream for the milk. :)

trinity said...

hi tina fucd,

you asked me "I love this blog"?

mabye that is a good sine. i hope i can get you to love Jesus as much as you love my blog if its alot. i wish He had a blog too so you could READ IT AND LOVE IT!!!! i dont think He has one becuase He was all ready crossfied for are sins so that is His massage he doesnt need the Internette. but ill try to find out. if He does just dont tell him you pray to Satin or He will be MAD!!!!!!!! and youl get in TROUBEL!!!!!! FOR EVER!!!!!!!!!

and flease dont try to make beleive that you are a dog with Him becuase He will know YOUR NOT!!!!!!! dogs cant have blogs becuase they dont know how to right good like us humins. so STOP PRETENDING THAT YOUR A DOG. I KNOW THATS NOT YOU IN YOUR PICTURE!!!!!! YOUR JUST PAWING MY LEG!!!!!

hi kem,

you asked me "Perhaps you are close to becoming St. Trinity" ?…

i dont think theirs a street named Trinity in my town. but if their is perhaps i DO LIVE CLOSE TO IT!!!!!!! wount that be funny???????

hi chaplin,

you asked me "you may want to substitute whipped cream for the milk."?

sorry but i think wip cream is a stooped substation for milk. how can you drink it with out getting it all over YOUR NOSE?????? some times i put wip cream on my cockies but i also have milk TOO!!!!!!!!! i love the color white. but NOT ALL OVER MY NOSE!!!!!!!! (in case you didnt know i am a white person but not white like wip cream just white like normle poeple)!! some times i drink chockalite but im not that either. im just PINK!!!!!