Sunday, January 27, 2008

what i was talking about on the fone with my cuzzen Faith-Ann

today is my second blog so ill say what i was talking about on the fone tonigt with my cuzzen Faith-Ann. she called to tell me that Brock O’Bomma won the s. carolinea prymerry. i dont know what that means but i hope hes not are presadant soon because i want Mike Huckabee (yay!) Mike Huckabee (yay!) is a true Christian and Brock O’Bomma use to be a black muslem and sold drugs. hes still black (in case you didn’t know, Mike Huckabee is WHITE!) but now he is a BIG Christian. i dont see how you go from working in a drugstore to be presadant. Mike Huckabee (yay!) use to be a preacher. i dont think he ever worked in a drugstore or even a suppermarket.

my cuzzen Faith-Anns old boy freinds sister lives in s. carolinea. so she told me that Brock O’Bomma has a panflit that talks about he is a comited Christian. Faith-Ann saw it because her old boy freinds sister sent it to him as a joke and he sent it to my cuzzen Faith-Ann as a joke. but i dont think Christians is a joke even if its a demmacrat.

On the panflit is alot of pictrues of Brock O’Bomma and crosses and strained glas windoes. The panflit says that Brock O’Bomma is called to Christ. so BIG dele! who ISNT called to Christ oxcept athiests??? he is like me and Faith-Ann and a thousand milian bilian other poeple in the world. Mike Huckabee (yay!) is alos called to Christ and he doesnt even need a panflit about it. poeple just know because hes a ripubelican.

heres a joke the preacher at my chruch made up from the Bible and from Brock O’Bomma.

in the Bible bad things are called an obamanation. so i hope we dont become an O’Bomma nation.

Get it? Me niether at first, but the preacher explaned it to the hole congergation really slow. i really injoy going to chruch because we get to learn about the Bible AND who to vote for.

so far ill vote for Mike Huckabee (yay)! but im glad Brock O'Bommas a Christian too. even if muslems and athiests and juws and crimminals and immagrints and athiests and other bad poeple illect him we still get some body in charge who is comited to Christ. thank God!!!!! other wise who knows what mihgt happen to America?????

love and xxx (from me AND Jesus),



John Evo said...

Trinity - Are you for real, or is this blog some sort of a parody of how mindless people become once they place their trust in a supernatural deity?

Just in case you ARE being serious, you should know that his name is Barack, not "Brock". You said he used to be a black Muslim. Now that he's Christian, is he also white? I think it may be possible (I'm not kidding) because his father was black and his mother was white.

trinity said...

hi jhon,

am i for real? IM not the one with the scul head. this blog is not a pardy but i hope you have fun any way. but no alka hol aloud!!!!

i never heard of a name Barracks. i know your an athiest so you must be kidding me. Also are you telling me that Brock O'Bomma use to have a black father when he was a muslem but now that hes Christian he has a white mother? that doesnt make any sense. you must be pulling my legs.

JP said...


What an enlightening post. Your thought out reasoning as to why I should vote for Huckabee was remarkable. Thanks to you Trinity, I know who I will be casting my vote for.

Anyone ever tell you that you would make a great politician?

No? shocker!

Think about it.

childlikefaith said...


Im so glad that you like Huckbe to. I will vote for him becuz we need another godly prezdent like Mr. Bush. Its to bad Mr. Bush cant be electd anymor.

jhon - i herd that michal jackson was black to. Now hes white.

Anonymous said...


I have a picture of baby Jesus at the chapel. You'll be glad to know that Jesus wants everyone to vote for Mike Huckabee.

I'm thinking about doing it too, because I don't want to make baby Jesus cry.

trinity said...

hi jp,
go Mike Huckabee (yay!)

hi childlikefaith (is that your real name or just made up?),
go Mike Huckabee (yay!)

hi chaplin,
go Mike Huckabee (yay!)
you asked me "You'll be glad to know that Jesus wants everyone to vote for Mike Huckabee."
i knew that because are preacher told us.

i dont think the baby Jesus is old enouhg to vote. but maybe he coud make a mirackle and turn the demmacrat votes into ripubelican. (thats a joke because it coud never happen in real life. i wish i coud tell them funnier like when Moe pokes Larry in the eye.)

Anonymous said...

This was pretty funny - maybe he coud make a mirackle and turn the demmacrat votes into ripubelican. (thats a joke because it coud never happen in real life.

Didn't the Republicans do that in 2000?

trinity said...

hi chaplin,

you asked me "Didn't the Republicans do that in 2000?"

i dont know where you get your infamation. if you rimember correct, the ripubelicans won in 2000 square and fare. i dont see why demmacrats keep wanting to make a fedaral case out of it!!!!!

childlikefaith said...

Trinty: Silly! You now thats my internt name. My mommy told me not to use my real name.

trinity said...

hi child,

you asked me, "My mommy told me not to use my real name."

that will make you in the minarety because all the rest of us go by are real names here. but thats O.k i just wish your mommy told you to find some thing short like bob or amy or gum or even xyz.