Thursday, January 31, 2008

what i was doing when my cuzzen Faith-Ann insuled me

today is my forth blog so ill say what i was doing when my cuzzen Faith-Ann insuled me. i made the BIG mistake of telling her that i was keeping a dairy on the internette. Faith-Ann coudnt beleive that i was doing that because i never kept the dairy she gave me even thouhg it was a pretty green one and came with its own pen. (also green but it wrote BLUE. why?????????) i didnt have the hard to tell her when she first bouhgt it for me that i hate green because it reminds me of what the Gardin of Eden must of looked like before Eve ate the apple and makes me sad. so i just told her i hate dairys. which just goes to show that you shoud NEVER lie even just about dairies because Jesus is washing you and you will GET CAUHGT!!!!!!!!!

so i told Faith-Ann about my dairy on the internette and she wanted to see it so i told her how to push the right buttons and she came. so she read some of what i wrot here (in case your wandering, not this because i didnt write it yet because it didnt happen yet) and she shook her head and made the usual cracks about my bad speling and my poor gramma.

well, O.k my gramma wasnt a good speler too and niether was my grampa. so WHAT?????!!!!!!! did Jesus Christ love them less than good spelers???? i dont think so. they looked just as happy when they deid as every body else does who goes to the pieceful rest funreal home. i dont think my gramma ever wore mock up in her hole life before she was dead so that must of been intaresting for her. im SURE my grampa never wore mock up before that!!!!!!!! and i bet he dindnt like it. he use to say h’ed never wear lip stick like those homos do. (in case you dont know were suppose to call them gays today but their still homos and all of them wear lip stick even Ted Haggard when he was a homo for six months but now hes well agian thank God!!!!) oxcept over his dead body. so thats what he did.

prabobly Jesus liked the mock up because he wants Christians to BE good and to LOOK good. my preacher all ways says that when some body comes sloppy to chruch on Sunday. usally that person is unbarassed and gives a little eggstra in the plate. i know because its some times me and it costs me a dollar if i forget to put on maskara.

so when Faith-Ann looked at my blog she asked me what was all the stuff on the right side. so i siad their other places you can clink. and she clinked on the top one bbs and she had a absolut FIT when she saw all the dirty things. i didnt even relize how dirty because i thouhgt bbs wrote about stinky PENS because i geuss i didnt read care fully enouhg. how come i is such a skinny letter when its so impotent???? now im affrayed to read any more. Ewwww!!!!!!!

and then Faith-Ann clinked on others and she siad that they were all ATHIEST!!!!!!!! so i told her dont say i didn’t warn you it says some of them are athiest and she siad not SOME. ALL. but she didn’t clink on all of them so how does she know??? so thats when she insuled me. she siad to me “Jesus Christ is the one true savor who came to Earth and was crossfied for you and now all you do is read athiest????????” and she siad pretty soon ill be on some athiest list all over the internette and i said unpossable because im not one. and she said just wait and see. and i said Jesus knows whats in my mind and its nothing.

and then i siad they could put me on every athiest list in the hole world even the ones NOT on the internette and i still woudnt hate God or Jesus Christ. and she siad too bad because athiest lists one hundred pissent garrantee that you will go to HELLL!!!!!!!!! and i siad not if your not really an athiest. and she said yes really. and i siad no really. so we siad yes and no for about an our and then she had to go home because it was getting late and we forgot what we were argueing about.

so if you see my name on any athiest lists dont beleive them because im NOT!!!!!!!!!

love and xxx (from me AND Jesus),



Babs said...

Trinity - I don't like pens that aren't colored the same as their ink, too. See? Even though I'm a foul-mouthed atheist, and you're a Christian, we still have something in common.

But, green is my favorite color.

trinity said...

hi bbs,

im glad we have some thing in commen but please PLEASE dont tell my cuzzen Faith-Ann. shes all ready telling the other girls to go look at Trinity's new best freinds the pottymouth athiests. so no off fence but your not my best freind even thouhg shes really rihgt about the pottymouth athiest part.

but in case your reading this Faith-Ann or any of the other girls, SHES NOT MY BEST FRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry if i insuled you bbs. but you do talk very dirty and nasty about smelly pens and also Jesus alot.

Jesus if your reading this just so you know, i think all your parts smell purfect.

childlikefaith said...

I dont have a bolg so you cant put me in yur list. Tell Fiath-Ann that I love Jesus too and I like to read yur bolg. Maybe yull get one of the athists love Jeus. That wold be a great testmony to tell at chucrh on Sunday.

Liz said...

You seem to be a nice Christian girl. You need to be careful about talking to atheists on the Internet. They are evil and will try to turn you away from Christ. You need to talk with other Christians. You may want to check out and find some good Christian friends. These atheists are bad for your soul.

trinity said...

hi child,

you asked me "Maybe yull get one of the athists love Jeus. That wold be a great testmony to tell at chucrh on Sunday." i think it woud be TERRIFFIC if i could get one of the athiests to love our Lord Jesus Christ. and then if he woud make an appearence in my chruch that would be even MORE exiting!!!!!!! (im talking about the athiest but Jesus Christ would be very good too!!!!!!!!) and all from clinking on my blog on the internette!!!!!!

hi liz,

You asked me "You seem to be a nice Christian girl." i am. and thanks for noticeing. i think Jesus Christ notices to because He knows how much i beleive in Him. Alot!!!!!!

See, Faith-Ann? i dont even know this liz person and she relizes that im a nice Christian. so shut UP!!!!!!!!!

the chaplain said...

Hi, Trinity!
Have you and Faith-Ann made up yet? It always made me really sad to have a fight with a good friend or cousin.

tina said...

See, watch out for those crazy people!

Liz said...


Did you like the link to the Christian blogs? Here's another one I found that I think you'll enjoy:

childlikefaith said...

Did one of your athist frends go to chucrh with you today? Did Jesus go to?

We had a good tyme in my chruch. Jesus didnt cum, but the holy sprit did! Evryone was sining and praying, some peple were crying (bcuz they were happy, not sad). It was nice. We didnt hav an evning service thogh bcuz lots of peple wantd to watch the super bole insted.

trinity said...

hi liz,

you asked me "Here's another one I found that I think you'll enjoy:"? i dont know whats wrogn with my comeputter. i keep clinking on where you wrote that but i dont go any where. are you sure you speled it write? i dont think theres any word http. (no off fence but did you mean hoop?)

hi child,

you asked me "We didnt hav an evning service thogh bcuz lots of peple wantd to watch the super bole insted"? in my chruch the paster bouhgt a big screen tv and set it up in the basemint so poor poeple coud come and watch the game. most of us who came arent poor but we had a good time any way. we sang hynms when the beer comershals were on so we didnt have to watch them.

tina said...

I hope it wasn't a big screen T.V. Didn't you hear about it being a violation if your church watches the super bowl on a huge t.v.?

"the law" limits Super Bowl (wait, can we say that now?) party TVs to a quantity of one, and that single set must not be over 55-inches.

childlikefaith said...

My chruchs TV is only 36 inhces. We had a dun party with nahcos and gaucmola dip and pepsi.

trinity said...

hi tina,

you asked me "that single set must not be over 55-inches."?

i didnt have a ruller with me so i dont know how big my pastors is. if i knew size matters that much to you i would of messured.

hi child,

you asked me "We had a dun party with nahcos and gaucmola dip and pepsi."? that sounds good. we had pigs in blankets (in case you dont know, thats tinny hot dogs in tinny roles. some poeple think they look like little pigs rapped in blankets but not me. i think they look oxactly like TINNY HOT DOGS IN TINNY ROLES!!!!!!!!!)

we also had cole slaw in green jelo and beans with moshmellos and carrot salad in red jelo and yams with moshmellos. and for desert chockalit cake which the box called it devils food but WE DONT!!!!!!
and friut punch but we dont like to say punch becuase it sounds like fighting so we say friut drink.

i brouhgt paper plates because im not too good of a kook.

ian said...

Trinity said, i brouhgt paper plates because im not too good of a kook.

I think you're a great kook!

I like your blog. You have a weird assortment of friends here and your discussions are funny.

trinity said...

hi ain,

you asked me "I think you're a great kook!"?

wait till you taste my jelo sardine casaroll. then ask me if im a great kook!!!!!!