Friday, January 25, 2008

what i was thinking about while i was floozing my teeth

this is my dairy. you may be soprized that im putting out on the internette. but you might like to read it and it cost me free. your suppose to do a dairy every day but i prabobly wont because you know how lazzy i am. (in case you didnt know, im lazzy.) alos poeple say you shoud start each one with "dear dairy" but that sounds stupid to me because im not writing to a dairy, im witing to the internette. if you dont want to read it you dont have to. but i hope you do (its free for you too)!!! so if you all ready read the internette please read this and if you dont read the internette how come?

today is my first blog so ill say what i was thinking about while i was floozing my teeth this morning (after i woke up). i some times think of interseting things while im floozing my teeth or taking a shower or coming my hair or sorry, even sitting on the you-know-who. all those bath room things that arent baths but you do them their any way. thats where i some times think when i have nothing on my mind.

so here are ten reasons why every body shoud beleive in Jesus Christ. you may of all ready thouhgt of some of these but mabye not. (you can read them in the Bible. so you know their all TRUE)!!!.
1- Jesus turned the bread into wine,
2- Jesus saved the woman from stonning because she was an adult,
3- Jesus razed Lazeris,
4- Jesus made a lame person walk (just so you know, when the Bible says lame it is not like a lame joke or a lame axcuse. it is a person who cant walk and Jesus made him).,
3- Jesus loves you!!! (alot)!!!!,
5- if you dont beleive in Jesus he will send you to h-e-l-l-l!!! so why take a chance????,
6- Jesus walked in water. (im not kidding!!! NO fotoshop!!!!!!!!,
7- Jesus heeled the leapers (thats a dissease where things fall off there body!!!),
7- Jesus gave the Surmon of the Month,
8- Jesus was the Word with God from the very beginnng. (the Bible doesnt say what word it was but i think it must of was a simple one to spel for every body in Bible times. like A or I or THE or AND or mabye NOSE or prabobly just JESUS).
10- the crossifixation where he died for are sins,.

so thats ten reasons. there are other ones just as good but i dint think of them while i was floozing so their not here.

love and xxx (from me AND Jesus),



ordinary girl said...

Hi, Trinity. Glad you were able to get your own place to post comments.

Be careful of the Jonah guy though. He's such a sour lemon and I heard he's an animal around women. So if he comes here, just tell him to go away. You're too sweet for a guy like him.

Babs said...

Thanks so much for linking to me, Trinity.

OG is right about Jonah. You thought I talked dirty, Trinity? I am pristine compared to that bad boy. And he calls himself a Christian!

Did you know he has a thing for leeches? I won't go into the details on what he does with them, but it's pretty kinky.

I still kind of have a crush on him, though.

I hope that doesn't make you mad.

JP said...

Trinity, trinity, trinity,

Something tells me that this will be my new favorite blog.

Oh how I am looking foward to your thoughts.

JP said...

...Borat move over, here comes trinity.

loving it.

slut said...

Trinity, your dairy is great. thanks for the link to my blog. I bet your xian fiends would like to milk those athiest wimmins udders. Moo.

trinity said...

hi ornerygirl, hi bbs,
johna has not been around so im not whorried so far.

hi jp (twise!!)
hey my name is trinity and you said it three times!!!!! Get it?

hi slut,
just in case you didnt know, your name means a bad girl. maybe you just typed wrogn and mean slit.

you asked me "Moo". i dont under stand what you want to know. maybe your just a bad typer and ment to ask me moon but i also dont under stand THAT questoin.

Anonymous said...

Trinity, thanks for linking to my blog.

I agree that Slut's name is pretty nasty, but I don't think Slit is any better.

trinity said...


you asked me, "thanks for linking to my blog."

so heres my answer. your welcome.

slut said...

Trinity, what's wrong with being bad if it feels good?

trinity said...

hi slit,

you asked me "what's wrong with being bad if it feels good?"

so ill ask you what's wrogn with being good if it feels bad?

tina said...

My son over at Ungodly Cynic noticed a "new" blogger on the Atheist Blogroll. I think I remember you from No More Hornets blog.
Don't mind all these crazy atheists, sometimes they get a little carried away with their colorful language and remarks.

6- Jesus walked in water. (im not kidding!!! NO fotoshop!!!!!!!!,

Do you have a photo of this?

trinity said...

hi tina,

you asked me "Do you have a photo of this"? (Jesus walking in water, right?)

i dont have a phot but i know exactly what it looked like because i know what Jesus Christ looks like and i know what water looks like. if you want to know what it looks like heres how to tell. first think of some water and try to picture it on your brain. then picture Jesus Christ. (in case you dont know what he looks like you can googol him to see LOTS of pictures). then once you have Jesus Christ and water just put them to GETHER!!!!!! its EASY and its FNU!!

tina said...

I tried, and for the life of me, I just can't grasp this. :)