Tuesday, January 29, 2008

what i was wandering about when i was walking my dog Luke

today is my third blog so ill say what i was wandering about when i was walking my dog Luke this morning. in case you didnt know, Luke is a book in the Bible. beleive it or not it is also the name of the opossum who wrote that book!!!!! i think thats unbelevible!!!!!!! its like if somebody named Harry Pooter wrote the Harry Pooter books.

bye the way, you shount read the Harry Pooter books if you dont like to hear about wizzerds. thats why i didnt read them!!!!! wizzerds pray to SATIN!!!!! just so youll know in case your an athiest, Satin is BAD. even if your an athiest, please PLEASE dont pray to him!!!!! pray to any body but him. (but try God first because He loves you and He gets VERY mad if you pray to some body else and some times He takes it out on every body in your hole town!!!!!). so i didnt read the Harry Pooter books but i saw the movies because i heard they were really good and a bunch of us girls decided to sneak into one when no body else woud know from our chruch but the chruch piannist was their with her boy freind (NOT husband yet!!!) and his dauhgter (from a different NOT wife) so we all tryed to make beleive we didnt see one and other but his dauhgter called out really loud hey theres trinity and faith-ann and every body else we were with so we waved. also one other difference between books and movies is in movis theirs popcorn with butter but not in books so much. even if you just rent the BVDs you can make popcorn in the micrawave with REAL butter flaver (that tastes just like fake butter.)

so like i siad, i was walking my dog Luke this morning. its not important to what i was wandering about but i shoud tell you that Luke is a girl dog. i named her Luke because the ONLY good Bible names i coud think of for girls was Mary and i use to have a hamster named Mary when i was little so the name makes me sad because Mary deid when she fell out of the car windoe because i thouhgt she needed some air. even now i still think she looked hot on that weel in her cage. i only wish i had rubed her with an ice cube from my big glup instead of holding her out the windoe. so thats why i picked Luke because it is not Mary and it reminds me of luck. wer'e not suppose to beleive in luck at my chruch but some times i do when i get lucky.

so heres what i was wandering about when i was walking my dog Luke. i saw a sine that said vote for Mike Huckabee (yay!) and i started to think about when he will be presedant. and wont God be happy that the hole cuntry voted for Mike Huckabee (yay!)???? so wont it be time for all Americans to all get taken up to HEAVE in the rupture?? and we wont know when it will hapen but ALL OF A SODDEN weel rise straihgt into the sky. and the poeple left behind will just look up at us as we hed into the clowds. and theil prabobly be able to see UP OUR DRESS!!!!!!

so then i remembered that i had stained under pants on. so i was unbarassed.

so its a good thing i thouhgt about that because i went home and changed into clean!!!!!! (and put on a better bra, two)! because you never know and i want to look good when i meet Jesus.

love and xxx (from me AND Jesus),



atheos said...

Semper ubi sub ubi, Trinity. If you don't know what that means you can ask your friend the Exterminator.

trinity said...

hi athoes,

you asked me "Semper ubi sub ubi, Trinity"?

i know simper fidelis from my great uncle who wanted to be a United States Marines but coudnt pass the fiscal so he moved to a commune and became a hippy instead but still likes to say it some times. so im geussing that seimper ubi sub ibu has some thing to do with keeping our cuntry free? maybe the hair force? am i hot or cold?

the owel guy is NOT my freind. hes just an athiest i happen to know. but he doesnt beleive in Jesus so how coud he be my freind?

the chaplain said...

It's a really good thing that you don't eat buttered popcorn while you read books. Butter makes a really nasty mess on the pages and it makes the book stinky too.

trinity said...

hi chaplin,

you asked me "Butter makes a really nasty mess on the pages and it makes the book stinky too."?

im not sure if that happens when you use fake butter thouhg. i woudnt want to try to see when im reading my Bible because if your right God will be angry with me for messing up His story. but maybe next time i read a nother book like Guyposts magazin or Christianity Toady magazin or Angles on Earth magazin ill test it out.

childlikefaith said...

Hi! My dogs name is Mark. Hes a boy so I gave him a boy name. Mark likes to eat snow. Does Luek like snow to?

How did you meet all thes athiests? Are they frum yur chruch?

HappyNat said...

I think my underwear is dirty two. Is that a sign from Jesus?

trinity said...

hi child (i hope you dont mind if i call you that insted of chillikefiath because its too long and im sacred i mihgt type it wrogn),

you asked me "How did you meet all thes athiests? Are they frum yur chruch?"

i will answer you're questoins in back woods order. i hope thats O.k

2- their are no athiests in my chruch. we beleive in Jesus Christ who is the one true savor and was crossfied for are sins. athiests dont beleive in Jesus Christ or even just plane God but in case you didnt know He prabobly loves them any way but im not a hundred pissent sure because i cant find them in the Bible. maybe their in it some place but not in the parts i know which is Genasis and Mathew, Luke, Jhon and, your dog Mark. (thats a joke. do you get it?) those are all poeples names oxcept the frist one which is a old time rock gruop.

1- i met all these athiests when we were argueing with iggy who is one of the liars on jps' blog!!!!!! the owel guy stuck up me in that arguemnet so i wrote him a thank you note and he PUT it on his BLOG!!!!!!! i was unbarassed.

you dog mark sounds nice. Luke likes snow too but mostly just to role around and pee in not to eat. i think that looks like fun.

trinity said...

hi happynat,

you asked me "I think my underwear is dirty two. Is that a sign from Jesus?"

it coud be because God works in misterous ways. but it mihgt just be a sine from your washing mashine.

bye the way, whats you dogs name? if it is Mathew or Jhon then weel have three Bible writers on my blog (just like the 3 stogges!!!!!!!!!!) (then if we coud find a forth one he coud be like Shemp.)

HappyNat said...

My dog's name is Mookie. Didn't he write a chapter in the bible? Or maybe he was Jesus's friend? The name sounds biblical.

the chaplain said...


Does your dog's name rhyme with "spooky" or "cookie?"

HappyNat said...

(Moo Key) so like spooky, named after Mookie Wilson of the Mets. I joked with my wife for years that my first son would be named Mookie, but I settled on it as the name of our second dog.

childlikefaith said...

Trinty -
Mark pees in the snow to, but I dont think it looks fun. yuck!

trinity said...

hi happynet,

i geuss you live in boston since your a mets fan. just so you know, i dont think theres a Mookie in the Bible but mabye thats what Jesus and his freinds called Mark for a nickname. it doesnt say in the Bible so we dont know unless the preacher says its their with a new interpotation.

but we all ready have a Mark dog on this blog (childs') so we didnt need a nother one any way. if you get a new dog mabye you shoud check with me first before giving a name. im also good with kids too so if you get a new kid you mihgt want to ask me too.

HappyNat said...


In the future I won't name anything without checking with you first. If we brainstormed together I bet we could come up with a great name. Thanks!

the chaplain said...

Hi, Trinity!
I used to have a dog named Fred. Is there a Fred in the Bible somewhere?

trinity said...

hi happy,

you asked me "In the future I won't name anything without checking with you first."

thats a good idea because im REALLY good at naming, particlearly first names. (im not so good at middle names but i dont know why). if its a baby we shoud let mrs. happy be in on it too particlearly if shes the mother. maybe you and i coud pick a first name and she coud pick a middle name all by her self and even put a dash like Faith-Ann has if she wants it. but if its a dog just you and me is fine!!!!!!!

hi chaplin,

you asked me, "Is there a Fred in the Bible somewhere?"

your in luck!!!!!!! (we dont beleive in it in my chruch but it some times happens.) we just studied this in Bible class!!!!!!!! unbelevible!!!!!!!

theres this parabull in chapter Mathew 20 about a guy who hires other guys to work for a penny which was more then but not much. and some of the other guys work just one or two hours and some other of the other guys work a hole lot of hours so they get angry at the first guy becuase he pays every body a penny starting with the other guys who worked less than the other other guys. so one of the other other guys must be named Fred because he complanes to the first guy and the first guy says (and im coping this from memary of the Bible so you can beleive it). "Fred I do thee no wrogn. didnt you argue with me for a penny"?

i dont think we ever find out what happenned to Fred after that. but i hope your dog likes that story.

the chaplain said...


Thanks for finding a biblical Fred for me. I wish I knew what happened to him after he argued with his boss. I don't know if Bible times were different, but, these days, arguing with the boss usually does not end well for the employee. The boss usually argues back for awhile, sort of like you and Faith-Ann, and then ends the argument by firing the employee. I hope Fred had better luck than that.

trinity said...

hi chaplin,

you asked me "I hope Fred had better luck than that."?

in my opinoin most poeple in Bible times oxcept the bad ones did O.k so prabobly Fred got a nother job for more money (mabye two pennys) and got marred and had kids and lived to a rip old age and then deid. i hope he didnt die of being crossfied because that woud of hurt. since your a chaplin you all ready know how much it hurt Jesus. Ouch! so isnt it wanderfull that he DID IT for us!!!!!!! (i mean Jesus, not Fred. i dont know who Fred did it for).