Monday, February 25, 2008

what i was doing all day long while i was writing hi-coos at Faith-Anns house

today is my ninth blog so ill say what i was doing all day long while i was writing hi-coos at Faith-Anns house. theyre a kind of pome that Faith-Ann learned about a hundread years ago in like ninth grade but never told me until today when i peaked at her old germal and found one. this is what it says.

I adore Jesus,
alot alot alot yes,
and he loves me too!

so i said whats this Faith-Ann and she said its a pome. and i said its not a pome becuase it doesnt rime or any thing and its too short. and why did you put in that stupid yes when it doesnt mean any thing. who are you saying YES TO??????? and it uses alot THREE times!!!!!! but she said oh its a pome all write. the first line has five sillybles and the second line has seven sillybles and the the thrid line has five sillybles again. you just need to count on your fingers one-two-three, etx. if its right you have wrote a hi-coo. so since she was in ninth grade and this is my ninth blog i thouhgt it was a poperiate so i tried one.

Faith-Ann is my freind
(she is also my CUZZEN)!!!!!!
our MOMS are SISTERS!!!!!!!!!.

that was really easy for me. Faith-Ann tried to count it so it would be wrong but she couldnt. so i wrote another one. it was easy AND sad AND true.

i feel sorry for
athiests because they all
beleive in SATIN!!!!!!

Faith-Ann counted that one and got angry. she told me she had to count for about an hour until she figured out how many times to say alot. how come it is so simpel for ME???????? i said maybe Jesus Christ gave me the special gift to please poeple with my pomes and she said thats stupid youre speling and gramma are at roaches. he could not have chose a worse person for a wrider. so i wrote ANOTHER hi-coo fast. this one was a hi-coo ABOUT hi-coos and it really got Faith-Ann BURNT out of SHAPE!!!!!!!!!

who thinks this is HARD?????
i cant beleive how easy
it is to write pomes.

and then while Faith-Ann was counting, i wrote these.

are writing pomes hard??????
NO!!!!!!! hi-coos are very fun
they are so easy.

the only person
who thinks hi-coos are tricky
is cuzzen Faith-Ann.

ha ha ha ha ha
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
ha ha ha ha HA!!!!!!!!!!!

she counted every ha about a hundred times. i know she was hopeing i used the wrogn sillybles but i didnt. while she was doing that i wrote these hi-coos about some other pomes i used to know.

in school we studied
robert frost (a BIG poet)
did he write this stuff??????

he wrote about roads
divulging in a forest
and he had to pick.

we also studied
the guy who wrote the raven
edward something pone.

his pome is about
a raven which keeps saying
nope never again.

(i dont think that he
ever wrote any hi-coos
but i could be wrogn)???

i like the guy who
wrote about the dog coming
on little cats feet.

i cant remember
what that cats feet guy’s name is
something like sandwich??????

when i was little
i heard a really good pome
about Paul Revere

listen to this kids.
thats all i can remember.
that was the first line.

there was also one
by alice n. wonderland.
she was the writer

jibberjabber walk.
the name of it made no sense.
and the rest niether.

my faverit poet
was a doctor in reel life.
heres a hint. GRINCHMAS!!!!!!!!!!

i like dr. suess.
hes funny and makes me laugh.
so WHO ELSE does that????????

the 3 stogges
Moe, Larry, Curly and, Shemp.
(but not Shemp so much!!!!!!)

Faith-Ann wrote some pomes
but she doesnt like my blog
so touhg luck for her!!!!!!!!!!!!

when she likes my blog
ill let her put up her pomes.
till then its TOO BAD!!!!!!!!!!

ill let athiests
read my pomes all they want to.
but not yours Faith-Ann!!!!!!

i never wrote pomes
before i tried this today.
im good at it right?

so mabye these pomes
will make athiests beleive
in Jesus and God.

for writing hi-coos
Jesus Christ loves me much more
than CUZZEN FAITH-ANN!!!!!!!!!!!

so thats when Faith-Ann got tiers in her eyes and yelled at me she was starting her period and i better go home becuase she was feeling really cranky.

love and xxx (from me AND Jesus),



Ordinary Girl said...

Maybe you're just better at math than Faith-Ann.

Hey, you should let her write a guest post sometime!

trinity said...

hi ornerygirl,

you asked me "Maybe you're just better at math than Faith-Ann"???????

i dont know about hard math like alga bra and geography and those, but i know i can COUNT better than HER!!!!!!! its not as easy when im using my fingers to type instead of counting. but its still PRETTY EASY!!!! try it!!!!!! youll be asstonished.

you also asked me "Hey, you should let her write a guest post sometime"!?

never neveR nevER neVER nEVER NEVER!!!!!!!! i would more sooner let an athiest write a guess post than Faith-Ann. she makes fun of my blog every minute she sees me. she asks me your not still putting out that silly stuff for athiests are you trinity? and i say well id sooner put out for athiests than so called Christians like so called you Faith-Ann becuase they up reachiate it.

so i prabobly wont but i might if i change my mind which i prabobly wont. but i might.

tina FCD said...

Trinity is cool,
We just adore her to death,
Come join us, join us!

Just kidding Trinity, I wouldn't try to convert you. Good to see a new post. I come here every day to see what new, fun stuff you have done. :)

trinity said...

hi tina fucd,

you asked me "I come here every day to see what new, fun stuff you have done"?

im flattened. i dont think most of the stuff i do is fun i think its booring. but my lord Jesus Christ doesnt care if you have fun in this life he just wants you to be real igious. in a way athiests are lucky because SATIN lets them have fun even thouhg they wont have fun IN HELL!!!!!!! but thats why i go to YOUR athiest blog every day to see what new fun stuff YOU have did!!!!!! when wer'e both dead i hope you can read my blog IN HEAVE even thouhg youll be IN HELL!!!! then youll learn what FUN IS!!!

im sorry it will be TOO LATTE!!!!!!!!

tina FCD said...

Trinity said,hi tina fucd,

Hilarious! I love your humor, I feel stupid laughing out loud by myself every time I come here. You are so cool.

Anonymous said...

Trinity, I like your poems. Let me try one:

I'm an atheist.
I don't believe in Satan,
But I love satin.

Hey, that's fun!

clfaith said...

"Faith-Ann got tiers in her eyes and yelled at me she was starting her period and i better go home becuase she was feeling really cranky."

FathAin is alwysa crnaky. Is ther any tyme she dosent haev her peroid?

trinity said...

hi chaplin,

you asked me "Hey, that's fun!"?

you like these hi-coos???
i wish you liked Jesus too.
Hes BETTER than pomes!!!!!!!!!!!

hi cfl,

you asked me "FathAin is alwysa crnaky. Is ther any tyme she dosent haev her peroid?"?

you must know Faith-Ann!!!!!! she IS cranky even when shes not having her peeriod. but i think her sickle is pretty normle. evry month (some months two) just like you and me. (onless your a boy in which case NOT LIKE YOU!!!!!!!! sorry.)