Tuesday, February 5, 2008

what i was praying to Jesus about while i was squeezzing a pimpel

today is my fifth blog so ill say what i was praying to Jesus about while i was squeezzing a pimpel. i offin have nice quite conversions with Jesus when im taking care of my skin particlearly if im doing some thing that hurts like tweezzing between my eye brows or squeezzing a pimpel. those things are really pain full but it makes it easyer for me to bare if i remember Jesus Christ. so i talk to Jesus and He makes me feel better by telling me, “if you think squeezzing a PIMPEL is bad you shoud of tried hanging on the CROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!”

so i was praying to Jesus today and i started thinking about all the athiests i met recently and how they’r DAMMED and maybe thats not fair if they dont know any better. so i said to Jesus is it fair for athiests to be DAMMED to HELLL????? and He siad yep. (i dont think he actualy said yep he prabobly said yes in a more Bibley way. but i dont rimember what he siad so i wrote yep. in case you dont know, that means yes only freindlier and Jesus is all our freind. in fact, He is our BEST freind!!!!!!).

He said its fair becuase they had their chance and they didn’t take it. so i siad what if they dont know about Christians and he said “are you KIDDING ME?????? who in the hole world doesnt know about CHRISTIANS????? this isnt a 3 stogges comidy!!!!!!!!! sheesh!!!. wer’e the BEST relgion and the BIGGEST relgion and the ONLY relgion thats TRUE!!!!!!!! so athiests know about Me dont kid your self. but they just dont want to beleive in Me becuase they dont have faith in Me AND they hate Me”.

sorry athiests but that made sense to me. so i asked Jesus, so how come athiests hate You. And he siad i dont know ask them im not an athiest. and sorry again athiests but that made sense to me to.

so i asked Jesus how come athiests dont have FAITH????? its obvous to every body You came to Earth to be our savor and was crossfied for our sins and now wer’e ALL saved oxsept mabye just a few dum poeple who arent Christian? and he siad athiests DO have faith. but just NOT IN Him.

and i asked Jesus what he ment? but by then i was finished with my pimpel and He disapeared while i was finding cotten for my puss.

so i called Faith-Ann and i told her that Jesus told me that athiests have faith just not in Him. did she beleive that? and Faith-Ann siad have you been talking to Jesus again? and I siad yep. and she said thats unpossible because poeple sometimes talk to Jesus but he usally doesnt anwser unless when your about to die or your in chruch or you need help desiding on some thing importint like what shoes. and she said "youre stupid athiest freinds arent importint enouhg for Jesus to talk to you." and she also said poeple cant just talk to Jesus any old time and i told her it wasnt any old time it was when i was squeezzing a pimpel and it HURT. and their not that stupid!!!!!! and their not my FREINDS!!!!!!

and then she told me they ARE that stupid becuase they have a stupid faith that theirs NO God. and i asked her to oxplane and she told me look. it cant be proved beyond a shad-O of a dout that theirs NO God right? so I siad of course not because there is. so she said athiests say there’s NO God but they cant prove it right? so i said of course not because there is. so she siad since athiests say theirs NO God and they cant prove it they must have faith that theirs No God!!!!!!!!! so that made sense to me.

so i said it would be like if some body watched a 3 stogges and it was Moe, Larry and Curly and the person said i have faith theres no Shemp!!!!!!! and i would say OF CURSE theres a Shemp hes just not as good. and the person would say well i didnt see Shemp so their must not be a Shemp because i DIDNT SEE HIM so i have faith that theirs no such thing as Shemp!!!!!! so that makes sense to me because of curse theres a Shemp even thouhg you cant all ways see him. luckily because hes not as good.

then Faith-Ann roled her eyes and said its like our knowlidge of the youniverse is not purfect right? i told her "you can say that again!!!!! i cant even find the BIG DIPER unless someone says theirs the big diper and moves my head where it is"!!!!!!!!!!.

so Faith-Ann siad since we dont know about the youniverse you either have faith in God or you have faith in NO God. so that made sense to me too. because you either have faith that theres a Shemp or your wrogn!!!!!!!!!

some days a hole lot of things make sense to me. the only thing that didnt make sense to me today is how come Jesus could stand being scrooged and wearing a crown with throns and having nails put in his hands and being crossfied but he runs away at the sight of a little puss?


love and xxx (from me AND Jesus),



JP said...


This was truely an inspiring post. I got on my knees and invited Jesus into my heart. I must have not heard his knocking because I still feel the same. I still curse, view porn, and get angry so nothing life changing has happened too me. Maybe I am not one of his chosen ones. Oh well, I think hell will be filled with pretty cool people. I mean, can you imagine the kick ass parties I will have with the many celebrities who are roasting away down there? Heaven is probably one big bible study so I think I will enjoy my time in the pits of hell with folks like Heath Ledger...assuming he didn't have Jesus in his heart. He probably didn't because of the Brokeback Mountain film.

the chaplain said...

You think of the most amazing things when you squeeze your pimples. I suppose your mom has told you that you shouldn't squeeze pimples because you can damage your skin and leave scars. Your mom is right. Next time you want to squeeze a pimple, pray to Jesus to help not to do it. He should be able to do that for you.

Crystal said...

Trinity, I think you are not a TRUE Christian because you never read the BIBLE. You should be reading the BIBLE instead of consulting your cousin Faith-Ann.

childlikefaith said...

Trinty does too reed the Bble!!! She goes to Bble study evry week. So there!!!

trinity said...

hi jp,

mabye you invied Jesus into your heart while he was talking to me while i was sqeezzing my pimpel and thats why he stopped talking to me because he had to go to your heart. thanks for cleaning that up.

i think heath leger is NOT in HELLL!!!!! he only made that broken back movie becuase he needed the money and more fans. hes not REALLY GAY did you know that? so hes prabobly happy in heven doing Bible study for ever!!!!! but its fun too becuase they get to watch TV some times and eat LOTS of good stuff in JELO!!!! yum!!!!!

hi chaplin,

you asked me "Next time you want to squeeze a pimple, pray to Jesus to help not to do it. He should be able to do that for you."

im really begging to think that your not a real chaplin becuase you shoud know that Jesus has much more importinent things to do than sqeezzing a pimpel. is that what you think he was thinking while he was HANGING on the CROSS? wow I can hardly wait to die and rise up to join God my Father in Heave so i can SQUEEZZ POEPLES PIMPELS?????????


hi crystal,

you asked me "You should be reading the BIBLE instead of consulting your cousin Faith-Ann."? i wasnt CONSLUTTING with Faith-Ann. i was only asking her what she thought!!!!!! and so what if shes better at the Bible then me????? shes five months older!!!!!!

hi child,

you asked me "Trinty does too reed the Bble!!!"? exactly write!!!!!!!! only i dont all ways under stand what i see so i ask Jesus or the pastor or Faith-Ann. how do you ever learn if you dont ask questoins?????

Anonymous said...

Helo Trnty,

I like bibles 2. and stoogez

I a christun 2 and beleve in jesus 2. I pray alot wen I sitt on the tolet.


Litle Jack

Babs said...

Trinity - Your posts are refreshing, to say the least.

If you really want to feel pain so you can talk to Jesus, you should try waxing your eyebrows instead of tweezing them.

trinity said...

hi annoymous,

you asked me "I pray alot wen I sitt on the tolet."

i see from the way you spel that you go to a Christian Day Shcool just like i went. what do you pray for when you sit on the toliet? i usally pray that it wont take me long.

hi bbs,

i never waxed my eye brows but i let Faith-Ann talk me into waxing my thing once. Owch!!!!!!! that was asscrushiating!!!!!!! i dont get how all those holliwood stars do it. MEN too!!!!!!!!!!

but i dont think the 3 stogges did it becuase they never took pictures in skinpee bathing suits. even Shemp.

ian said...

Trinity said, i never waxed my eye brows but i let Faith-Ann talk me into waxing my thing once. Owch!!!!!!! that was asscrushiating!!!!!!! i dont get how all those holliwood stars do it. MEN too!!!!!!!!!!

You're a brave girl to even think about waxing your, uh, thing. I don't let anyone near my thing with anything that melts.

Ray said...

Is this blog a joke?

I hope you know that the mannerism in which you discuss our Lord and Savior is utter blasphemy. It's stuff like this that reconfirms the notion that our country is headed down hill. I will pray for you and hope that you come to know the True Lord Jesus Christ.

In Him,


Redlefty said...

I had planned on watching a movie right now but this is so much more entertaining. Hallelujah!

trinity said...

hi ain,

you asked me "I don't let anyone near my thing"?

i think thats really good of you if your not marred and not too bad even if you are marred. i dont let anyone near my thing oxcept once Faith-Ann when she helped me wax that time. even then i made her close her eyes and i put her hand where she wanted it. Owch!!!!!!!

hi ray,

you asked me "Is this blog a joke?"?

sorry. i wish it was. but im not good at telling them like the 3 stogges. if YOU know a good joke you could write it so poeple could read it. but every body knows the one about the chicken in red sispenders so DONT LEAVE that!!!!

hi redfelty,

you asked me "Hallelujah!"?

im still not sure which one of your picture is you but i think its too hard to spel halelljuah for one of those poeple in their. you may not know this, but they look like CHILDERN!!!!!! so im geussing blue but with help. or mabye pink but also with help.

ThatGuyWeAllKnow said...

wow. im christian and all but this is and odd refrence of god dont you think