Monday, February 18, 2008

what happened when i was at the grossery store today

today is my eightth blog so ill say what happened when i was at the grossery store today. in case you didnt know, i work there store but im not going to say the pacific one becuase i dont want athiests who read here to come visit me and try to convict me to SATIN while im busy. its hard enouhg to ring every body up with the right prizes with out having to tell athiests no thank you im not intarrested in SATIN and by the way those nuts are on sale TWO FOR FIVE DOLLARS!!!!!!!!!!!

sometimes i have to work on Sundays if the boss says so but he knows i go to church in the morning so he never makes me come unless he really wants me to. i dont mind coming but only after i give my love to Jesus Christ earlier. so i had to come today and that was O.k becuase i had Jesus in my heart all ready from chruch. and i felt so good that Jesus was with me that i wanted to spread Him around. He was crossfied for every body not just me so i cant have Him all to my self even if i wanted to which i dont becuase theirs alot of Jesus to go around to at least a hundred thousand million bilion poeple but some chruches beleive much more than that even athiests!!!!!!!

usully when im working if some one comes to my line i say hi and if i know there name i say hi that name (for egg sample, hi Faith-Ann, but only if shes really Faith-Ann). if i dont know there name i say just plain hi and smile. and then i ring the stuff up and ask them LOTS OF QUESTOINS!!!!!!!! do they have any cutepons? and cash, check, or plastick to pay? and then i ask them paper or plastick (a diffrent kind than how they pay) for bags? and poeple all ways answer my questoins becuase im nice and theyre easy. when im done i say have a nice day or if its some body i know mabye i say see you later, Faith-Ann (but only if shes really Faith-Ann).

but today i was feeling so good from chruch and from Jesus and also i was thinking about how funny the 3 stogges are and that all ways makes me feel good even Shemp!!!!!!! so i decided to tell my costumers have a BLESST DAY instead of a nice one. because if its BLESST it doesnt have to be nice.

so first two old ladys came throhg my line and i siad have a BLESST DAY and they patted me on the arm and said you two dear and i siad thanks. then Faith-Ann came just to say hi and to flip throuhg the national enqueer while she waited but not to buy any thing. but she all ways gets gum or a slim jim so i wont get in trubble for talking to her. and i siad have a BLESST DAY Faith-Ann and she said and have a BLESST DAY your self Trinity and we lauhged and then she paid and i forgot and said have a nice day by acident. then a mother came with three little children ALL NOISY and FIHGTING!!!! and she paid and i said have a BLESST DAY and she said yeah i wish and smacked her biggest boy for punching his sisters.

then a mean man came in my line and he bouhgt beer and ciggarrettes and a magazin about sience and i should of knew to keep my mouth closed. but i said have a BLESST DAY and he siad what? and i siad have a BLESST DAY again and he said you have to be KIDDING me right?????? and i said no i really really really wanted him to have a BLESST DAY and so did JESUS CHRIST!!!!!!!!!! and thats when he picked up his bag (paper) and siad i should bad word my self.

but dont worry. just so you know, i definatly WONT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

love and xxx (from me AND Jesus),



tina said...

It must be hard working in a store, having to be happy and nice all the time to people.
Some people are just normally grumpy.
Maybe you should just keep the blessings in your church?

Ordinary Girl said...

Hahaha! He sounds like a funny guy.

clfaith said...

ill bet the mene guy was mad at sumone else wen he told yu to...wahtevr he sed to do.

trinity said...

hi tina,

you asked me "Some people are just normally grumpy"?

your so right. mabye he needs a dog to cheer him up. or a cat or a bird or a turtel or a hampster or even a girlfiend.

hi ornerygirl,

you asked me "Hahaha! He sounds like a funny guy"?

mabye YOU would like to be his GIRLFIEND. he needs one!!!!!!!!! i could give him your phony number if i ever see him again which i hope i dont and even if i do i dont know your number and i DONT WANT IT becuase your athiest!!!!!!! and theirs NO WAY i would EVER FIX UP athiests!!!!!! if you met and fell in love and got marred and had childrin i would never be able to FORGIVE my self for more athiests in this whorled.

so sorry but you cant meet him!!!!

hi cfl,

you ask me "ill bet the mene guy was mad at sumone else"?

i think all athiests must be made at each a nother all the time becuase it is hard to warship SATIN with out GOING NUTS and GETTING ANGRY ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!!! just so you know, thats a big SIN. and also without THINKING DIRTY THINGS!!!!!!!! just so you know, thats a nother SIN. only Christians LOVE our selfs and are NORMAL becuase Jesus Christ keeps our brains happy and washed!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you think that atheists are angry all the time. The atheists who comment here on your blog seem to be happy, nice people. I haven't noticed any of us arguing with either you or Faith-Ann.

trinity said...

hi chaplin,

you asked me "The atheists who comment here on your blog seem to be happy, nice people"?

Faith-Ann says you are only acting like happy nice poeple to get me in you're clinches. and then once you have me you will make me pray to SATIN and drink chickens blood and rub my self with dog faces (just so you know, i call it poo).

i think that sounds GROSSSSSSSS!!!!
in case you didnt know me, i would never drink any bodys blood and i would never rub my self with any bodys poo!!! im just a meet and pototos kind of girl. I dont like trying strange foods or rubbing my self with stuff.

sorry if i insulated you but you asked for it by praying to SATIN.

Anonymous said...

Who said I pray to Satan? I've never prayed to Satan and I never will.

trinity said...

hi chaplin,

you asked me "I've never prayed to Satan and I never will"?

Faith-Ann said you would say that. she warmed me not to beleive you becuase every body knows that athiests pray to SATIN and if you dont know that your lieing. so you seem nice but im not going to beleive you becuase Faith-Ann is nice too (usully) AND shes MY CUZZEN!!!!!!! you know the old saying. relatives are thicker than WATER!!!!!

clfaith said...

Trinty -
FathAin is rite. Chaplin and all teh athests lov Satn. Chaplin is lieing.

trinity said...

hi cfl,

you asked me "Chaplin is lieing"?

i think so too. but i have no eviedense. and i like her alot becuase look at how nice her out fit is IRONED!!!!!!! its hard for me to think that some one who takes such good care of her close likes SATIN. but mabye she does like all the other athiests do. if she doesnt WHO DOES SHE PRAY TO??????????

Calandra said...

Good words.