Friday, February 8, 2008

what i was worying about when i couldnt sleep at for a clock a.d. in the morning

today is my sixth blog so ill say what i was worying about when i coudlnt sleep at for a clock a.d. in the morning. My cuzzen Faith-Ann was all eggsited this after noon. she called me on the phone and asked me to geuss what she saw on TV and i thouhgt mabye raychill ray was makeing some great jelo souprize ressippee. wrogn!!!!!!!!!. so i said i didnt know and she told me mitch romny drooped out of the ripubelicons.

i didnt like mitch romny because he belongs to a cult (morons) and he wears magic under pants which makes no sense. why would God make under pants magic when He could just as easy make your shirt and outside pants magic? He could make your shoos or your socks or even your hairdo magic if He wanted. So why UNDER pants??????? it doesnt make any sense even for God. just think about it. God can make ANY THING magic He wants to be magic which He doesnt because magic is from SATIN!!!!!!!!!!! but He could.

now it is just jhon mick cain and Mike Huckabee (yay!). our pastor says that jhon mick cain is not a true Christian and he doesnt care about God and Jesus Christ and the American Contusion and men marring men and women marring women and both of them marring dogs and cats and mabye roosters and sheep and fish and bats and birds and even dynasores for all we know and illegle immigrunts. jhon mick cain doesnt care!!!!! and he has a bus called the stray talk express and what else can you oxpect from some one who’s last name is CAIN, did you relize that? its not like hes jhon mick ABLE which would be better oxcept he might get killed one day in a feeld by some body named CAIN!!!!!!! so he would have to stay away from all sprots so he never went near feelds at all just to play it safe.

so Faith-Ann told me that most poeple on the news say that jhon mick cain is the fun trunner which i have no idea what it is becuase ive never trunned. i dont even know if its really FUN!!!!!!!!!! but i dont think a presedant should be trunning just for fun whatever it is because a presedant shoud be serios. and Mike Huckabee (yay!) is really serios. i heard some guy on TV say that it woud be really serios for the cuntry if Mike Huckabee (yay!) becomes the ripubelicon nonminee. and i agree.

so that sounds good, right? so your prabobly asking your self, why was i worying so much that i coudlnt sleep at for a clock a.d. in the morning. well i just coudnt get those magic UNDER pants out of my mind? and i geuss i must of fell asleep a little becuase i had a dream where raychill ray had Mike Huckabee (yay!) on her show and they were both making jelo souprize with magic UNDER pants IN IT!!!!!!!!! not only that but they were going to bring it to a weeding for two MEN and a chimp pansy!!!!!!!!!! and the 3 stogges were there (not Shemp thank God) and they kept throwing pies at every body and poking Mike Huckabee in the eyes and driveing a bus back and froth. and jhon mick cain began trunning even thouhg i didnt know what it was but it had some thing to do with trampulleens!!!!!!!!!!

and then the worst thing happened. the ripubelicons seemed so silly that Hillery Clinntin became presedant! so thats what woke me up and thats what i was worying about when i couldnt sleep at for a cock a.d. in the morning! if Mike Huckabee (yay!) goes on raychill ray he could start a hole change of events and then lose the presedant. so i was worying hed go on raychill ray. so i hope he just goes on opie instead.

love and xxx (from me AND Jesus),



clfaith said...

Hi Trinty!
Im sory you had such a bad tiem sleepign. Mabe yu shuld try NoDoz.

Gess what! My mom sed I culd chagne my name to clfiath. Thats eezyer to rite than the old one.

Mabe yu and me culd maek flyers for mike hucbee to give peple in our naborhoods. Are yu prayign for mike hukbee to be prezdent? I am. Im gona go pray agen rite now.


trinity said...

hi cfl,

you asked me "Mabe yu shuld try NoDoz."?

im not going to take any sleepy pills THANK YOU VERY MUSH!!!!!!! if you take enouhg of those they make you want to do seusside. i would not take them here or there. i would not take them ANY WHERE!!!!!

when i was a little gril my mother all ways gave me milk of amnesia no matter what was wrogn with me. i bet that would help me, so i wish i could rimember where i put my bottle.